Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day!

  This is what we woke up too!  Needless to say we had an April blizzard yesterday, with 19 inches of snow.  Today we won't worry to much about our taxes; we will just spend the day digging out.  The hubby spent 2 hours snow blowing the driveway last night, also helping neighbors.  Also, another hour this morning.   The worst part is IT IS STILL SNOWING! Have to love North Dakota weather!  NOT!
Snow next to our driveway.
Snow pile after plowing the driveway.
  Intersection that was clear two days ago.
Piles of snow from a side street being cleared downtown. 
A field of snow west of town.  We were starting to see the ground a few days ago. 
The city had to bring out the heavy equipment to remove snow downtown. 
The city pushes the snow to the center of the street to make it easier to clear with the pay loaders. 
The only good thing about a snow storm on tax day is that the IRS has given us an extra day to file out taxes because of the storm.  So for all those last minute filers, you have a little more time.  Yeah!
Love to all,   Sara

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  1. Who would’ve thought you’d somehow be thankful for winter storm? Haha! I hope nobody was hurt in this incident, though it sure gave some people a leeway to do their taxes before filing them in. Have a nice day, Sara!

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax-Tiger