Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Synod Assembly

  Holy Buckets am I tired!  I was out of town this weekend and I am still trying to catch up on my sleep.  My hubby and I had quite the adventure this weekend.  We were the delegates for our Church's Synod Assembly.  A brief explanation of what this is; is a meeting a Pastors and Delegates in the synod to discuss and vote on resolutions that are brought before the synod.  If the resolutions pass than our synod will send them on to the Churchwide Assembly.  I am sure I over simplified it, but that is it in a nut shell.  It is the taking care of business for our synod.
The hubby
This is the first time we have gone to the Assembly.  It was fascinating.  The theme for the Assembly this year was our Synod is at a "Crossroads".  There are many changes coming in the future on the ELCA, in everything from the technology we use, to the demographics of our congregations and to challenges that face our congregations and ministers.  I would go again in a second! 

Keynote Speaker Bishop Mark Narum, WND Synod       Bishop Bill Rindy, END Synod
  On Saturday night after the banquet, the former presiding of the ELCA Rev. Herbert Chilstrom spoke.  He was very captivating.  The title of his talk was "Always Being Made New".  The things this man has seen are incredible.  He was the first bishop of our church when it transformed into the ELCA.  After his talk, I had to go get his autobiography,A Journey of Grace, The Formation of a Leader and a Church; which talks about the formation of the ELCA and also of it's early days.  I can hardly wait to dive into it. 
Rev. Herbert W. Chilstrom
Rev. Herbert Chilstrom
  It may take me a few days to recover but I will be back in action before to long.  But even after I catch up on my sleep, I will still have the same renewed excitement for our Church and where it is going. 
Love to all,   Sara

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