Thursday, October 31, 2013

Turkey BBQ in Guelph

   This past Sunday was the annual Turkey BBQ in the small community of Guelph, ND.  This is an annual event that raises money to maintain the old school located in Guelph.   The building is used for many things now, but just not as a school.  I know that local 4-H clubs have meet there, family reunions have taken place in it's gym and even an occasional wedding reception.

                         The Guelph School Building
The Guelph School holds many fond memories for me!  Even though it stopped being a K-12 school in the mid-60's, I believe, the Oakes School System used it for many years for it's 5th and 6th grade classes.  I think those years were some of the best, EVER!  The kids were bussed out to the school because there just was not enough room in the Elementary School building in town.  So all of the kids and teachers were taken out there, 9 miles from town.  I thought it was so cool that a couple of my teachers had actually gone to college with my father, as he was getting his teaching degree.  We were so isolated from everyone; it made us feel special.  We have the best playground in the world, not because we had fancy equipment on it or lots of activities to keep us busy.  It was the best because we had SPACE.  We had the old football and baseball field to play on.  Some to the football games out there were unbelievable, not to mention the kickball games.  Occasionally, a ball would go off into the field of corn that was right next to the playground.  Then it was all hands on deck to go find it.  You didn't want to lose a ball.  Oh and did I mention the lunches.  OMG THE LUNCHES!  We had the greatest cooks!  The meals that would come out of that old kitchen, I can't even describe them.  It seemed like almost everyday, one of the cooks would bring in homemade cookies.  When you are feeding so few kids, it would be easier to do that.  It was also during times when things weren't so strict.  If you ask any of my old classmates what they remember best about going to Guelph School, it will probably be the food.  


  One other cool thing about the school is the gym is planked entirely from floor to ceiling in old wood.  I am not sure if it is pine or cedar or a hard wood but it is just beautiful.  Even the bleachers are made from this wood.  The time it took to do this I can't even imagine. 
Love to all,   Sara