Friday, May 23, 2014

What have I been up too!

  What have I been up too in these many months since I last wrote?  Oh my goodness, this is a hard question to answer.  It is more accurate to say what haven't I been doing lately. 
  I just finished 200 candies (the ones pictured above) for a friend; her son is graduating this Sunday.  
  We bought a different camper.  We are going to park it at a resort for the summer.  I have been busy getting that ready to go.  Tomorrow, the Hubby & I will be going to get it set up for the season. 
  I have also been working at the church a lot.  My term as chairperson on the Mission committee is coming to a close.  I am trying to get everything wrapped up.  
  This is just to name a few things.  I have also been sick a lot the last few months.  There have been days where I haven't gotten out of bed until one or two in the afternoon.  My doctors says I am just over doing it on the days I am feeling good, but someone has to get stuff done!  I have yet to find the magic wand that I can just wave to get everything accomplished that needs to be!  I am still looking!  I hope everyone is having a blessed spring!

Love to all,   Sara