Sunday, April 7, 2013

Favorite Kitchen Tools

  I thought I would tell you about my two favorite kitchen tools.  One is a set, so ever though there are to of them I consider them as one.  I think I use them every day, if not every day as least every other.  It seems like whenever I am looking for them, I just have to look in the dishwasher and there they are.  I know, you are probably saying what could it be?  It must be some fancy do dad!  Well here they are!
This is my Mix & Chop from Pampered Chef.  I absolutely love it!!!!!  Do I have enough exclamation marks?  There is nothing this thing can't do.  I have even put a frozen pound of hamburger in a pan to brown and the Mix & Chop has been able to break it up!  It is wonderful for those of us who sometimes forget to take meat out of the freezer (or forget most of the time).  I have more than gotten my money out of it!  

These are my Chicago Cutlery Santoku Knife Set.  I bought these at Shopko a couple of years ago and now I can basically throw away every other knife I own, except for maybe the steak knifes.  I use them for everything.  I don't even use a paring knife anymore and I use to have one of those in my hand all the time.  I can do anything with these to knives, even cut bread. 
  Do you have some kitchen items that you can't live without?  Let me know!
Love to all,   Sara

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