Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting for Spring

  I am anxiously waiting for spring and summer!  All I want to do is get out in my garden and dig in the dirt!  With our winter that seems to be hanging on forever; we had wind chills of -2 this morning all I can think about is putting up a few quarts of pickles or tomato sauce.

This is about half of what I did last year.  I did pickles, tomatoes sauce, spaghetti sauce, peaches, green beans, cherries and zucchini relish.  Yes I was busy but I loved it.  I knew with every hour of back ache and smelling like a pickle that in the middle of winter; my family would have fresh produce to eat all winter long.

  I also want to get back to my flowers.  I love planting flowers.  Last year I was so happy with the way my clematis bloomed.  Isn't these blossoms beautiful?

I can only hope they bloom as nicely this year. 
Love to all,    Sara

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