Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rodeo Entertainment

  While at the rodeo, the entertainment was John Payne, The One Arm Bandit..  He was amazing!!!!  The things he could do with while just using one hand and arm.  He also had two buffalo that he had trained to do certain tricks.  The are such beautiful animals!  You almost had to see it to believe it.  I would of gone to the rodeo just to see him and would go again in a minute!  The link above would will take him to his home page.  If you get the chance to see his act, defiantly do it! There are some of the pictures from his show. 

This first picture is a pic from his web page.  I wasn't able to get a real close pic of him.
The buffalo going up on the trailer.
The buffalo up on the trailer.
John going up on the trailer.
The buffalo and John and his horse on the trailer.
Another one of them on the trailer.  
 The buffalo coming down off the trailer.
 John on the trailer
 Another on the trailer, waving his hat.
 His whole rig
 One of his trained buffalo
 John herding the buffalo.  They listened to everything he told them to do.
 It was AWESOME how he rode his horse without using the reins.
His buffalo were beautiful.  They are such amazing animals.
I wish you all could of joined us for this fun-filled day!  There is always next year.
Love to all,   Sara  

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