Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Hairs

  You may be asking yourselves who or what is a blue hair?
  The blue hairs are a group of ladies I have coffee with most days at 3:00.  Most of them are older, grandma age ladies, but when must of the women my own age are working you take what you can get.  LOL! Actually they are a bunch of lovely ladies who I have known most of my life.  In fact a few I have known since birth, friends of my mother's.  One lady, Bev, has become Bug's "adoptive grandma."  Bev's grandkids are older and live far away.  One of the Bug's grandmas has passed away (my mother) and the other one lives far away from us.  It works for both of them. 
  You may ask how did I start having coffee with this group?  Quite by accident really.  Every day the ladies have coffee at a certain convenience store.  One day I stopped in for a soda and stopped to talk for a second and the next thing I know they are tell me to sit down and that they are up there every day at 3:00.  It is mostly made up of widows.  It is kinda funny.  In this group is a lady I use to work for, my mom's very best friend and a good friend of mine mother-in-law.  Some friends of mine give me a hard time for going up there, but I think they are secretly jealous.  Don't you?
Pictures of just a few of the ladies.
  What is so funny, is most people think that these ladies do nothing but gossip.  Let me think of what they were talking about today; some major news stories,  the recent snow storms, what songs they want sung at their funeral's.  Another major topic they share is recipes and what day are they going to go to the casino that month and who is going to go and who is driving.  
  I really admire these ladies.  They look after each other.  When one is sick, the others with come to their aid.  When one rejoices a happy event, they all celebrate with her; likewise when one grieves, they grieve with her.  It is like one big family.  I am glad they added me to it.  I know when my mother passed away a year ago, they were by my side grieving with me.  I truly love these ladies.  Only in a small town.  I wouldn't want to live any place else. 
Love to all,   Sara  

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