Friday, May 17, 2013

Working In the Garden

  Who all has been working in their garden/yard?  It has finally turned warm here, so we have been busy working outside.  The only problem is; it seems like the to do list keeps getting longer and the done list is not following suit.  This is what was on my initial to do list:
  • Clean flower bed by fence
  • Clean flower bed by garage
  • Clean flower bed in the corner
  • Clean flower bed on north side of house
  • Clean out strawberry patch
  • Replant strawberry patch
  • Thatch backyard
  • Remove bark and carve out log in front yard
  • Plant flowers in log
  • Work raised garden beds
  • Move log scraps behind fence
  • Plant sedums from Tracy
  • Pick up tomato cages
  • Put landscaping fabric under deck stairs
  • Put rock under stairs
  • Plant green peppers
  • Plant pots on patio 3
  • Plant pots on deck 2
  • Work on washtub project
  • Remove fence
  • Till fence
  • Mow front yard
  • Mow backyard
  • Plant tomatoes
  • Construct cucumber trellis
  • Plant cucumbers
  • Plant zucchini
  • Put in plant supports
  • Clean patio
  • Clean brick under patio
  • Finish laying brick under patio
  • Put extra wood behind fence
  • Treat weeds behind fence
  • Put up pool (Hubby)
  • Finish taking up rock in front yard
  • Build wall by berm
  • Finish bringing up dirt
  • Lay pavers properly
  • Treat weeds by pavers
  • Plant berm with wildflowers
  • Mulch berm
  • Set up fountains
  • Pick up more plant food
Not much to do really.  Ha, who am I kidding!!!  I don't think it will ever get done!  This is just the things that need to get done before we just start on the maintenance portion of it.  The hubby just looks at me every spring and wonders "Why?".  I just tell him, he always wanted to live on a farm so just think of this as a mini farm. 

  Of the above list of chores, this is what we (Hubby and I) have gotten done.
  1. Clean flower bed by fence
  2. Clean flower bed by garage
  3. Clean flower bed by garage
  4. Plant sedum
  5. Thatch backyard
  6. Debark and carve out log
  7. Plant log
  8. Work raised beds
  9. Clean out strawberry patch
  10. Replant strawberry patch
  11. Move log scraps behind fence
  12. Pick up more plant food
Not a very good start, but at least it is a start.  I am hoping tomorrow I will get the tomatoes planted and the last bed cleaned and hopefully the deck and patio cleaned.  When it is all done, I will be posting pictures. 

Love to all,   Sara

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