Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleaning at Red Willow Bible Camp

  Saturday, Bug, the hubby and I went to Red Willow Bible Camp to clean the cabin that our church sponsors.  We were hoping for a larger crew to come, but OH WELL.  We got it done, and had a good time doing it.  We meet the wonderful director, Becky, and the great grounds keeper, Denny.  They served a fantastic lunch of Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Cold Meat Sandwiches and the softest Chocolate Chip cookies ever.  We had our cabin sparkling by the time we left.  We even had time to rake up around the cabin and to take a small walk down by the lake.  It was wonderful.  Bug even got along with her father, no eye rolls or nothing.  They even laughed together.  Lately that has been a rarity.  Got to love a thirteen year old. 
The cabin our church sponsors.

Taking out the old mattresses.  We raised enough money for all new ones!!!

The happy rakers!

They figured out a way to pick up leaves without bending over!
Making the windows sparkle.
Hubby getting the cobwebs down.

A little break down by the lake.
Message we should all pay attentions to!
Love to all,   Sara

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