Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest Hits and Misses (Part 1)

   I thought today I would share with you some of the ideas I have found on Pinterset that have been HITS and maybe a few that are MISSES.

  I really loved how this turned out.  My only regret is that the only lights I found had white cords instead of green.  I think this summer I am going to redo them and stick the lights through the garland so you don't see the cords.  They will be on the inside of the cages. 
  This is a large jar I picked up at Walmart that I picked up for under $10.00.  I put all of the travel size beauty products I have gotten free in the mail or I might have picked up in hotels.  It is a cute place to put them (better than the plastic tube they were in) and when guests come, they can choose what they want.
  I love this moisturizer!  It is the best facial moisturizer I have found in a looooong time.  It is also inexpensive; under $10.00.  I have very odd skin on my face.  Depending on the day, it could be very dry or very oily or a combination of both.  I just never know what I will wake up with.  I do know that the apples of my cheeks will always be dry and this product has really helped out a lot.  I thought I would have to pay a whole lot more to find something that would work on my skin.  Thank you Pinterest for bringing this one to my attention.  I will be forever grateful!

Sorry there are no MISSES this time.  Everything I have tried lately has worked out the way I have wanted.  I am very happy about it!!!

Love to all,    Sara


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