Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Dance Recital 2013

  Last Sunday, Bug had here Spring Dance Recital.  It was a fun filled day with a lot of wonderful young dancers showing off everything they had learned in the past year.  Bug loves her dance classes.  The recital is for her tap/ballet/jazz class.  She also takes a ballet class called Ballet Academy, but I will write a post on that later.  Bug's class danced 3 dances; a tap performance to Rhythm Tap, a jazz performance to Telephone, and a ballet to Oboe Concerto No3 Allegro.   They were all very good.  Of course, she is her own worst critic and had to tell me everything that was done wrong.  I reassured her that the audience couldn't tell the difference.  We didn't know if they were suppose to hold a pose for 5 counts or 7. She is a perfectionist!   She was all excited because her instructor told her next year she will be ready for Pointe class.  This means one more night of classes and one more night she will be gone.   I shouldn't complain.  She loves dance, it is good healthy exercise and with the studio next door I don't have to drive here anywhere.  I just say time to get ready and maybe help put her hair up in a bun.  The joys of living in a small town!!! 
My favorite part of the tap performance.
Precision footwork during tap.
A ballet turn
 The jazz dance
Bug was excited most about the bedazzled phones they had as props.
Thanks for letting me brag!!
Love to all,   Sara

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