Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweetheart - the Cat

  I would like you all to meet Sweetheart, our cat.  Or as my husband likes to call him "the money burner".  It seems like we are taking him to the vet at least once a month, but more on that later.  First a little history on Sweetheart. 
  I truly believe we were meant to have Sweetheart.  He showed up at my husband's shop one day about 7 years ago in the fall.  We think he was just barely able to leave his mother.  My hubby thinks that someone dropped kittens off along the highway, were my hubby's shop and other businesses are located.  He called me at worked and teased me that he had gotten a surprise for our daughter, so I had to go see what it was.  When I saw him; I instantly feel in love, but Hubby said no cats.  (You see I made him get rid of two cats when I we got married.  In my defense, the cats hated me.  They would bite and claw me all the time.  I think they were jealous of me.)  Well we honestly tried to find the owners.  We put up posters, asked around.  Bug and I couldn't even bring him home.  He stayed at the shop.  After about 3 weeks and a little more convincing, Sweetheart became ours.  :)
                    Begging for Pets!                                 No Mama I am not looking a you!
Hubby has to give the dog and Sweetheart pets.  Sweetheart was getting jealous.
  So our journey with him for the first few years was really good.  Didn't go the vet except for his shots.  But then he stared to go outside more, that's when things started to go downhill for him.  Let's
just say he like to go places he shouldn't and pick fights with animals that are a lot bigger than he is.  I have seen him do it.  At first, we would notice scratches etc. on him, but didn't think nothing of it.  Next, he came home limping, but his leg wasn't puffy or warm and within two days he was walking on it, so all it good.  But when he came home and jumped on the daughter's bed and there was blood everywhere, off to the vet we went.  He had cut his stomach on barbed wire or something like that, from one side to the other.  It took him about two weeks to heal from that.  After that he calmed down for awhile.  Now you have to realize that this is a neutered and declawed animal, but he doesn't seem to know that.  At one time, he even had one of his front paws wrapped in gauze and tape to try and keep it immobilized.  He had cracked a bone somehow.  Our vet just laughs at us and asks what now.  I am beginning to think our graceful cat is a klutz!  Now on to the latest adventure.  You may notice in the pictures on the left (sorry for the quality, were taken with my cell phone) that he is holding up his back leg, the result of an animal bite.  Unfortunately, this time it became infected.  It has been a little over a week and he still isn't putting any weight on it.  We have another weeks worth of antibiotics to give him, if he still isn't better; off to the vet we go again.  Heaven help us with this cat!  At least he isn't crawling in our ceilings anymore.  Oh that is another story for another time. 
Love to all,   Sara      

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