Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Hour Famine

  I want to tell you about a group of amazing kids.  In fact most of this post will be from a bulletin insert from Church last Sunday.  I think our Pastor was able to tell about the kids adventure far better then I ever could, mainly because he lived it with them.  I want to THANK Pastor Justin Fenger for showing such dedication to our area youth and also showing them the way to be closer to GOD!
Just some of the kids.
  The famine involved 28 area youth, all 7th - 9th graders.  They were asked not to eat for 30 hours, except for water and juice, and to sleep outside in cardboard boxes.  It still astounds me what our "pampered" youth will do when asked. 
  Here is what Pastor Fenger wrote for our bulletin insert.  "April 26th 27th, youth from our parish and other congregations within the community stepped up to participate in the national 30 hour famine mission: fighting for hunger and homelessness.  These youth where committed to combat homelessness and hunger on a global, local and state scale.  The commitment meant raising money from family and friends, giving up 30 hours of their lives to experiencing hunger, as they slept outside in cardboard boxes in the midst of a cold spring.  Their dedication to the mission and purpose is an example of just what your youth can accomplish just on a small scale (30 hours of their time).  A special thanks to congregations and the community, as our youth shouted out on the street corners on Main Street holding signs asking for your support to fight hunger and homeless.  We thank you for your donations, for your time and for you commitment to this community, state and around the globe.  Our youth raised over $1700.  The funds raised will go to World Vision, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and fighting hunger globally, a percent will go the local food pantry to combat hunger here and a portion of it will go to fighting homelessness in the city of Fargo, ND.  Why, do this?  because we are God's people called into God's mission and this is our response.  Thank you,  Pastor Justin " 
  This sums it all up.  Everyone in our church couldn't be prouder.  I ask myself, "Could I do it?"  I wonder.......
  What follows are some pictures of the youth's 30 hours.
Still having fun!
It was a cold night!
On main street asking for donations
Honk Honk 
Some hungry kids
Breaking of the famine!
One young lady did the famine on her birthday, that is dedication!  Her parents showed up at midnight (at the end of the famine) with cake for everyone!

These are a series of panels that show how many children die every second from hunger, how much money we spend on food, etc.  The totals keep increasing. 
Really makes a person think!
Love to all,   Sara 

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