Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update on My Craft Room/Office/Pantry Project

  Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I started to "shovel" out my room and I think all in all; it is going pretty well.  I bought a new storage cubby, you know the kind that holds fabric bins, to hold all of my craft supplies. 
It seems to be working nicely!  The hanging bins on the left are my gift bin.  You know inexpensive gifts I have picked up through out the year for last minute presents or you are at a craft show in May and find the perfect Christmas present for your sister-in-law.  This is where all of those kind of things go.  The red tub are wrapping supplies that will go underneath the gift bin just as soon as the husband gets his junk out of the room. 
  The shelves for my canned goods are as close to being in order as they are ever going to be.  This the constant taking of items and restocking of items they are in a constant state of flux.  I have even found room for some extra food stuff that I didn't know what to do with.
This is mainly the canning shelf.
Here is the canned goods shelf.  I LOVE my can consolidator organization system, I found on AmazonIt is amazing!!!!!  I even unearthed my sewing machine.  I didn't think that was ever going to happen!  :)

  The next few areas are still "under construction."  But everyday, I am chipping away at it.  It might look like a lot, but really it's not. 

I think just a day or two with a recycle bag an my system in place it should be taken care of!

 I have decided no matter what I do, my work table is always going to look like this.   Even if I don't finish everything, I can at least walk around my work table.  I didn't think that was ever going to happen! 
Love to all,   Sara
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  1. You really are coming along beautifully. You are doing great.

    I love your can thingy!!!! I want one!!!

  2. Wow! Lots of progress! Lookin' good.

  3. That is a lot to clear out- way to go!