Sunday, March 10, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies

  How many of you out there have a girl scout in the family?  Is it as hard to get child to go out & sell as it is mine?  Maybe it is because she is a little shy or maybe because she doesn't like to ask people for help, especially someone she doesn't know.  Maybe it is because she is in the 7th grade and it isn't cool anymore.  I am the troop leader for my daughter's troop.  We have a very small troop with just 4 girls in it.  The troop was going to disband after last year, because their former leader just didn't have the time anymore to put into Girl Scouts.  The only problem was that some of the girls still wanted to be involved the organization.  So what was I to do but step up and volunteer to lead the girls.  Since taking over, my girls have earned their Bronze Award, bridged over to Cadettes, gone on a camping trip to the state capital, 4 field trips in which to earn patches and are well on their way to earning their Silver Awards.  It has been a very productive year.  What I can't get the girls to understand is that all of this takes money and the way our troop earns money is through the sale of cookies.  I think it hit home, when I said we would not be able to any field trips because of the balance in our checking account.  It is still hard to get the daughter to go out and sell, but once we are out she understands the importance of it. 
  Do you know there are a lot of different recipes you can make using Girl Scout Cookies?  Just search the Internet and you will come up with dozens of them.  Also experiment and see what you come up with on your own.  Thanks-a-lots, the shortbread and chocolate, cookies make great s'mores in the summer, just add roasted marshmallows.  Thanks-a-lots are also really great for homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Add a scoop of your favorite ice cream between to cookies and wrap in plastic wrap.  Refreeze and Enjoy!  I think I buy a case of Thanks-a-lots just for summer alone.  Thin mints also make great crusts for mini cheesecakes.  It adds that something extra.  Delish! 
Don't they look good?  I have even found a lot of recipes to use them in!  
Love to all,  Sara 

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