Friday, March 29, 2013

Girl Scouts Doing Good

  If I haven't told you, I am a Girl Scout Leader of my daughter's troop.  This is my first year of being the leader.  We have a small troop, only 4 girls but if they still want to be in Girl Scouts as 7th graders; I will be their leader.  I hope they all stay in it until they graduate from high school!
  This past week we worked on a project for a 4 year old in Minneapolis, MN.  It was sent to us by another troop who was also helping out.  This 4 year old had just joined a Daisy troop when it was discovered she had Aicardi Syndrome.  It is a very rare disease.  So her troop came up with the "Super Special Heart Project for Girl Scouts".  The child's troop would like to have 20,000 hearts that measure 4x4 by June 1, 2013.  The plan is to decorate the walls of her hospital room.  I told my girls about this and they were very willing to do a little arts & crafts for a sick little girl.   In an hour, we made 33 hearts out of construction paper, puffy paint, glitter, markers & scrapbook embellishments.

All the while having a really good time doing it!
I am so proud of my girls!
  Only one asked if they would be getting a badge for this.  Then I said NO, they still worked with the same amount of enthusiasm.   Our hearts will be mailed next week and I hope the can bring a smile to a sick little girl!
Love to all,     Sara

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