Friday, March 1, 2013

The Daughter

  I would like you to meet the daughter.  She told me I could not use her name in this blog.  When I told her I wanted to write about her, she just rolled her eyes at me and said "Mooommmm!  Why?"  She doesn't really like to be the center of attention.  It is kinda hard not to be the center of our world since she is our only child.  A little about our darling daughter, she is now in the 7th grade and is doing very well.  She has discovered that she likes Math this year.  Who knew!  Math had been a sore spot for her the last few years so this a HUGE accomplishment.  She is also involved in dance.  She has been taking classes since before kindergarten and absolutely loves it.  She was so excited after her last class.  The instructor told her that next year she would be in pointe class.  I guess this is a big accomplishment.  I personally have no idea.  She is also involved in volleyball and has for 3 years.  She has a great time being involved with the team.  This last year, she didn't go out for basketball.  She thought she was in enough activities and wanted to be in dance the whole year verses half.  She is also in Girl Scouts and is working on her Silver Award, takes piano lessons and voice lessons and is involved with our church.  Our church has an amazing youth program, not just confirmation students but also right up until they are graduation from high school.  The kids go on mission trips, retreats, have lock-ins.  Our daughter is really enjoying her time there.  It makes both the hubby and I very happy, she is taking such an interest in church.  During the summer, she participates in a summer theater program.  She loves it!!!!  Last summer they put on "The Apple Tree" and it was wonderful. 
  Well those are her activities, is it any wonder I say my rump is super glued to the front seat of my car.  Now to really get to know her.  She can be very shy and at the next minute loud and outrageous.  I just don't think she is sure of her place in life yet.  I see a lot of myself at that age in her.  I am glad she has found an outlet through her music and acting.  She is a very caring and compassionate child.  One thing I really like is that she respects us as her parents.  Yes, she sasses us once in awhile and doesn't clean her room enough, but she knows when we say something then that is the rule.  No questions asked.  I see so many kids know today where it seems like the kids are running the household.  I just don't agree with this.  I can be friendly with my child but I don't need to be her friend right now.  I need to be her parent.  She knows that and I think she likes that.  She knows no matter how much she whines, if I or her dad say no to something it means NO.  We can be friends when she is an adult, but not now. 
  Every once in awhile, I will be giving you updates on the daughter.  Auditions are soon for the summer musical so I will let you know. 

What a cute kid!!!

   Love to all,    Sara

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