Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hoping for Spring

  Will Spring ever come?  I am beginning to think not!  I definitely know the groundhog got his prediction WRONG! We have had at least 6 more weeks of winter and there is no break in site. 
  We were hit with more snow and wind this last weekend.  On Sunday night and into Monday, we had a good old fashioned ground blizzard.  There is nothing worse, in my opinion.  You have the sun shining bright as can be, but you can't see across the street.  Just doesn't make sense.   Today we have negative below wind chills.  It is never ending! 

  Oh well, such is the life of living in North Dakota!  If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes it will change! 
This is more true than you think!!!  LOL!

This may be the only way to get any golf in this spring!

No kidding!  Lol!

Just thought this was cute!

All I really want is to look out my window and see this!  Someday soon!  It is bound to warm up.  Right?

Love to all,   Sara

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