Friday, February 1, 2013


  Why is it that the person that seems to fix all the problems in the house is the mom?  I always thought the dad was the one who solved all of the problems, especially the mechanical problems.  But no, who is the first person the majority of the family turn to?  THE MOM!!!!!  For example, we have a WII, that I know absolutely nothing about.  One of the remotes wasn't working right so who does the daughter want to fix it.  The Mom.  Again did I tell you I know NOTHING about it.  I tell her that she is just going to have to wait until her dad gets home.  OK, fine, whatever is the response I get.  I think she was trying to be cool in front of her friends.  The hubby comes home.  He looks at it.  Can't fixes it.  Looks for answers on the Internet.  Can't find any answers there.  Tries a few more things.  I google "why won't my WII recognize two remotes" find and answer and in two minutes the problem it fixed.  Mom to the rescue again.  I remember when my mother was alive, even she would call me to came fix her vacuums or fan or a/c or even when she had a problem with her car.  This is a woman that had 2 sons-in-laws less than 5 blocks away from her, but yet she would call me.  Crazy.  Somehow between the two of us, we got this working again.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.
   Love to all,  Sara

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