Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day

  And we have snow!  We have had the first official BLIZZARD of the winter.  There was some snow on the ground before yesterday, but we got 12+ inches and the wind blew it sideways.  Here are a few pictures.

  The first pic is the drift over our front door.  I really hope it doesn't come down on me!!!  And then there is Sweatheart trying to decide if he should go out or not.  He decided not to.  My bed was much more comfortable.  Then there is the drift over our kitchen window.  Our family says it hasn't really snowed if we can still see out that window.  Here are a few shots into the back yard & front yard.  Have to love North Dakota winters!  At least the daughter got a snow day from school!  Yeah!  Poor thing is now cleaning her room.  I don't think that was in her plans!  Oh well.

Love to all,   Sara

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