Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snoring Husband

  Does your husband snore?  Does he keep you up half of the night because of his snoring?  MINE DOES!!  I swear, it doesn't matter what position my hubby is laying in, he snores.  If I wake up in the middle of the night, the chances of me falling back to sleep are next to impossible.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!   Yes, I know he works hard and he is tired but come on this is ridiculous.   I am surprised his left side isn't permanently black 'n blue from me hitting him to roll over.  When I do ask him to roll over most of the time he just shifts positions.  Again driving me CRAZY!  It has gotten to the point that I have to go to bed at least an hour before him, take double my sleeping medication and make sure my CPAP machine is working correctly if I want any good sleep at all.  If I don't do any one of those things, forget it.  I am doomed!  
  I have been trying to get him to go see my sleep doctor to see if he could possibly need a CPAP machine also, just like every other male in his family does.  But do you think he will, oh no!  I have even tried making the appointment myself and the just telling him about it a few days before.   Let's just say that didn't go over very well.  I may have to resort to the ultimate threat.  He may have to sleep in the spare room until he goes and sees the doctor.  I don't know how many more sleepless nights I can take.   The next day, the hubby wonders why I am cranky and tired.  He always thinks I am coming down with something or at was because of my own sleeping problems (we will get into that some other time).  When I tell him it was because of your snoring, it's as if he doesn't believe me.  Why else would I be up at 3:54am on a Sunday morning?  It is not because I am a morning person! 
  Right now hubby is laying on his side with his back to me and to listen to him, you would think he was laying flat on his back.  He can even snore while he is rolling over.  He just DID!  Great he is on his back, now I am really in for it! 
  Well, I might as well get up.  There will be no more sleep for me tonight.
  Love to all,     Sara

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