Monday, February 25, 2013


  I thought I would tell you a little more about myself and the circumstances I find myself in.
  First, I will tell you about my medical history.  I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 15.  I have type 1 or juvenile diabetes.  Luckily, I do not have any kidney or heart or eye issues because of the diabetes.  I am what is known as a "brittle" diabetic.  This means your blood sugars can go sky high or drop dangerously low very quickly.  Eating or doing something that might cause a slight shift in another diabetic, will cause a HUGE shift in me.  I also have high blood pressure, thyroid condition, chronic migraines, sleep apenea and sleeping issues.  The other major diagnosis is fibromylagia.   For those of you who don't know, this is a disease that cause wide spread muscle and nerve pain.  Somedays I feel great and some it hurts to get out of bed. 
  In 2005, I decided to get control of my weight problem and had a gastric bypass surgery.  Worst mistake of my life.  For the next year and half, I had nothing but problems.  I lost a lot of weight but it was because I could not eat.  I threw up everything I ate and drank.  My surgeon said I was eating & drinking the wrong things, but I don't know how a teaspoon of cottage cheese for a whole day could be considered wrong or to much.  After a year & half of suffering and losing my job, my surgeon agreed to reconstruct my stomach.  I realized that the doctor never listened to me.  He never believed I was a type 1 diabetic.  He almost killed me by ordering my insulin stopped after the bypass surgery.  Every check up I had I would tell him I wasn't eating, that I was throwing everything up, wasn't really having bowel movements, was losing a lot a weight without exercising (more than I should be).  He just didn't listen.  It finally took me yelling at him that I would not be ALIVE at this time next year if they didn't do something.  I was bawling, the hubby was getting furious.  The surgeon finally thought maybe something could be wrong.  After the second surgery, he admitted that he didn't take into consideration what my diabetes had done to certain muscles between my stomach & intestines.  I ever said to him is maybe you will actually listen to you patients from now on, because they might actually know what is going on with their bodies better then you do.  Gee after that, I only say his assistant for check-ups. IMAGINE THAT!
  As of now, I am not working.  My doctors, yes that is plural, don't think it would be healthy for me to hold down a job.  Talk about feeling guilty about that.   Before I had to quit, I brought home a very nice paycheck.  The hubby owns his own business, so some months are good & some not so great.  Make planning really, really hard!  It took certain members in my family a long time to realize that my paycheck wasn't there anymore.  I am not saying who, but there are still times that reminders have to be given.  This sends the stress levels off of the charts, which mess with the fibromylgia and diabetes and migraines and sleep,etc. 
  Don't know what else would what to hear about my medical history, but since it will come up, I thought I would give you a little history.

  Love to all,    Sara

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