Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manic Monday

  I am so thankful that today is over.  What a crazy day!  I think I sat down for all of 5 minutes to day.  Went to the hubby's shop today to work on the books.  That is always a fun time!  How sarcastic did that sound?  Got home from the shop just in time for a doctors appointment.  Received my monthly B12 shot.  Happy to say everything is going along fine.  Don't have to see the doc again until next month.  Had to then go deliver Girl Scout cookies back to the cookie coordinator.  Discussed different projects we are going to go with our girls this year.  Came home and worked in the craft room for a half hour then it was off to coffee with the blue hairs.  Next it was picking up the daughter from school.  Then home and laundry.  Got all the laundry put away and it was time for the daughter's dance class.  Asked another mom to bring her home, they were practicing at the school, then home to make supper.  The dance studio the daughter goes to is next door to our house, so today was a little different.  Finally with supper in the oven, I sat down for a few minutes.  The hubby agreed to take care of the dishes, which means he will stack them up on the counter and leave them for me tomorrow, but right now I don't even care.  I am exhausted.  I will be bedtime for this mama soon.  I sure hope the daughter doesn't need help with homework.  Fingers crossed!

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