Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tomato Patch 2013

  This is something new I am try this year with my tomatoes. It is a variation of a method of growing tomatoes I saw on Hometalk. I REALLY like this site for ideas about gardening and decorating. What I have done is buried a plastic bucket with holes drilled in it about half way up the bucket. Next I put potting soil in the bucket. Then I planted my tomato plants around the outside edge of the bucket, 3 plants per bucket. The hubby constructed supports out of stockade panels for me. The idea is to just put water in the bucket and have it leach out to the plant roots. Everywhere I have been reading, it was telling me to try and avoid water on the tomato plant leaves. The hubby came up with the idea of the funnel and tubing to get the water straight into the bucket. Not sure it this is going to work or not, but it is worth a shot. So far, I have had one plant die, but I think that is because we have had about 2 1/2 weeks of rain with absolutely no sun. Nothing in my garden was happy! I will keep you posted on the tomatoes progress.

Love to all,    Sara

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