Monday, June 24, 2013

Dickey County Heritage Center

  Recently the Hubby and I visited our local museum, THE DICKEY COUNTY HERITAGE CENTER.  It is a wonderful place filled with many displays of historic importance to our community.  It has three floors of donated or loaned articles reflecting everyday lives of country people.  For those of us that have roots in this community, we see glimpses into our relatives pasts, maybe a little bit about how life was when they were young.  Here are just a few pictures of the many items on display.
This dollhouse is beautiful!
 The wheelchair in the doctor's office.
Lunch pails
The next series of pictures are on a board of pictures of how Main Street use to look.
For the Bicentennial, a chorus was formed.  My grandfather was a part of this chorus.
Grandpa is in the back row, second from the end on the right side.
This was one of the performance outfits.
Dr. Craychee was the doctor that delivered me and my sister.
The is part of a display of "Seven Biblical Lamps".  It also includes a few other lamps.
An operator connecting calls.
   You really should go out and explore your own town and see what it has to offer.  I will be when a person travels, they will go to the museums and the like at their destinations, but never the ones in the own backyard.  Go!  I bet you will learn something. 
Love to all,   Sara

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