Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So It Begins

  So It Begins!  You may ask what I am talking about.  I am talking about the constant running of the summer.  There are days during the summer that I actually wish for school back, because some of the craziness of the summer slowes down.  The main thing going on this summer is Bug is in the cast of a local Summer Theater.  It is localed about 45 miles away, which isn't that far away really, but with practice 3-4 nights a week it does eat into our relaxing time.  Practice usually starts at 6:00 pm and lasts until between 9:00 and 10:00.  I get a lot of reading done during this time.  Last year, I went through about 2 books a week. 
This is where Bug will be spending most of her summer!
She loves it, so I am happy she has the opportunity to do this kind of community theater.  I will tell you more about it as we get closer to performance days.  This year they are presenting "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat."  The cast that the director has but together is amazing.  Soon we will be able to start car pooling with our neighbors, who are also in the musical.  This will help a lot.  But if you ever can't find me just come looking for me at the LaMoure County Summer Musical Theater.  I will be there is a van, reading, waiting for my little "star."
Love to all,   Sara

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