Saturday, June 1, 2013


  Is this not the cutest dog you have ever seen?  Our family thinks so.  This is Sugar.  She is a Welsh Corgi/Black Lab cross.  She looks like a mini black lab but with a longer nose.  She definitely has the temperament of a lab.  She is the best dog our family could of ever asked for.  In October, Sugar will be 17 years old.  She is starting to show her age.  She use to be all black, but now has a lot of gray around her mouth.  She doesn't hear real well any more and have really bad cataracts on both of her eyes but that doesn't stop her.  She seems to know when someone is in the kitchen or when the front door opens and is right there.  Sugar isn't as active as she use to be, but I guess if I lived to the equivalent age in human years, I wouldn't be real active either.  Her joints are getting stiff and she can't really run much but she really doesn't need to.  She has led a good life.  Last fall, the local vet warned us that he didn't think she would make it through the winter.  Well, Sugar proved him wrong  so who knows how many more years Sugar has in her.  Sugar was with us before we had our daughter.  She was a wonderful watch dog when Bug was a baby.  I remember one time, I had laid Bug on the floor for a nap on a blanket.  At first, Sugar was just laying on the edge of the blanket, but before you know it, Sugar had placed herself on the blanket with her back right next to Bug and between her and the door.  It was the sweetest picture ever.  Even when Sugar got up, she made sure not to wake up Bug.  Bug could do just about anything to her and Sugar would just look at her and then me like "I can't believe this kid.", but she never tried to bite Bug or growl at her.  But if it was someone she didn't know that tried to get close to Bug when she was small, you would definitely hear her growl and might even feel her bite.  This is our little Sugar Pop.  We love her more than anything.  

Adorable. isn't she?
Love to all,   Sara

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