Tuesday, July 2, 2013


  OK, I have had it!  It is coming down TODAY!  If I have to do I all myself.  What, you may ask, am I talking about?  It is the Engelman vine that is growing up a trellis and around my deck.  I just noticed the other day that it has some sort of fungal disease on it.

This is a leaf of the diseased plant.
  I am so tired of this vine.  Last year it had powdery mildew that spread to almost every other plant in the garden and now this year a fungus.  It has already spread to my green peppers.  I want it gone before my tomatoes and strawberries are next.  Besides, it takes over EVERYTHING!  We have to trim it back at least once a week.  It wants to take over the entire backyard.  I want it gone.  I told the Hubby that it needs to go.  He said that he would get to it sometime this past weekend.  Well, Bug and I decided we could do it ourselves!  It took us 45 minutes and one pair of clippers and the vine is GONE! 
 The pile of clippings from the vine

Bug after her hard work.  I couldn't of done it without her!
  It looks so much better without the vine around the deck.  I think we actually have more space on the deck without all the vines encroaching on the sitting area. 

The vines use to go up this trellis and along the side of the deck.  It also went around the corner and around the front side of the deck to the end.  It almost reached the end. 
Love to all,   Sara

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