Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So Happy!

  I was checking out my garden beds the other day and I became just excited!  Some of you may know my mother died last year and the house she was living was actually her parent's home.  Needless to say, it had been home for many, many years and to a couple of generations.  The property that the house was on was sold to our church, which is next door.  We were able to take cutting of plants from the yard before the house was torn down.  My sister and another family member also took cutting.  What grabbed my attention when I was out walking is this:

The cutting from my grandmother's bleeding heart.  It survived!!!!!  Everyone that took some unfortunately lost their plants.  I am so glad that this one seems to be doing so well.  I distinctly remember 3 different plants in my grandma's yard and this bleeding heart is definitely one of them.  It was HUGE!  The plant I have is maybe one forth of the original.  The other two plants I remember are these berries that started growing voluntary behind the house and then the rose bush.  Don't ask me the kind of roses they are, but grandma had them for years.  She always swore that when she planted the rose bush it was pink, but one year they just started to bloom yellow.  I don't know if I believed her all the time, because she like to tell us a joke once in awhile, but I sure wasn't going to question Grandma!  Luckily both the cuttings from the berry bush and the rose bush are doing as well as the bleeding heart.  My sister has informed my that once these plants get established in my garden, she well be taken some of it.  I don't know if I will be willing to give any to her.  She did kill her first batch.  LOL
Love to all,   Sara

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