Monday, July 8, 2013

Hanging Washtub

  The Pinterest bug bit me again.  About a year ago, I saw this pin and just fell in love with it, Hanging Washtub Planter.  Here is a picture of the came from pinterest.
old tub 'hanging basket'... cool
Isn't it cute?  The lucky thing about is I had most of the needed items.  I have a ton of old washtubs I had gotten at an auction a few years ago for a whole $1.  All I needed was a plant hanger.  Surprisingly enough, finding a plant hanger was the most difficult part of the whole process.  You see, we have an old cart that came from my Hubby's family farm that we are using as a plant stand in the front yard and I wanted to tie that into the project.  So just a hanger that you stick in the ground was not going to work.  I had found the perfect hanger at our local greenhouse, but alas it was already sold by the time I spotted it.  We finally did just buy a hanger that goes in the ground, but it was too tall.  The Hubby promised he would modify the hanger so it would let the hanger just rest on the cart.  Well, I got tired of waiting for him to work on the hanger.  Bug and I happened to be shopping at a farm and home store and we spotted the perfect hanger.  It was everything I wanted in the first place.  Plus, it was only $19.99.  I have spent $20 much more foolishly in the past so we decided, why not!  And now I can use the other hanger in a different part of the yard.  It took about 10 minutes to complete the whole project once I had all of the supplies.  I really like this planter and the way the flowers hang over the edge.   
My supplies.  I did use a different hanger that just sets on top of the cart.

I used three plants to give it a full effect.

It doesn't look really full right now.  I had just watered the flowers before taking the picture.  Wrong move on my part.
  All I had to do was screw the plant hanger down onto the cart.  I would recommend this is you use the kind of hanger I did, there it just sits on top of something, otherwise the weight of the tub plus the dirt, etc. will topple the whole structure over.  Next, I put potting mix in the corner of the washtub.  I just laid the tub on it's side to do this.  You can also hang the tub up on the hook and fill then, whichever you prefer.  I would suggest using some really good potting mix.  All that is left is planting the flowers.  In the picture from pinterest, they show wave petunias.  Since I have many wave petunias in my log project not to far away from this, I wanted to try something else. I am using one plant of Calibrachoa "Cherry Blossom" and 2 plants of Calibracos "Cherry Star".
      Cherry Blossom                      Cherry Star
Hope you are having a wonderful summer in your garden!
Love to all,   Sara

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