Monday, July 1, 2013

Irrigation Days Rodeo 2013

   During our local community celebration, the local horse club put on a rodeo.  It was a lot of fun.  I think we had more fun at this rodeo than most because a lot of local people rode in different events.  It is great to be able to cheer on you friends as they are competing.  Here are pics of some of the different events that took place.

A member of team roping duo
The another member of team roping

The kids got to test their skills on sheep.

This poor guy got bucked off.

He had a little help staying on.

This young lady is a niece of a friend of mine.

She had a fabulous ride!

One of my favorite event: The Shovel Pull

You get just a little dirty!

Getting ready to take off.  Basically someone sits on a shovel and is pulled to the other end of the arena.  It is too funny!

The evenings entertainment

 Saddle Bronc Ridding
I love the bulls.

He didn't want to go home after he threw his rider.

Some sheep tried to convince the above bull to get in it's pen.

What a ride!

Hanging on for dear life!

Eight seconds is a long time.

I went to high school with this cowboy.  He was the ND High School Champion his senior year.

He hadn't been on a bull for 12 years,. He decided to ride that night to show his youngest son what he use to do.  He had an awesome ride. 
   Rodeos are not just about daredevil cowboys and cowgirls getting on the back of bulls or riding at breakneck speeds.  They are about family and all American fun, spending time with your animal training it to do what you want and training your body to do what needs to be done.  Once you have been bitten by the rodeo bug, it is there forever and you bring your whole family into it.  The cowboy I went to high school with, it is his daughter that was barrel racing.  They go a family.  True he spends more time judging now than riding, but they are still there as a family.
Love to all,    Sara  

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