Monday, January 20, 2014

Neurology Appt

  Bug had a neurology appointment to see how she has been doing on her medication for migraines.  It is a preventative medication, to help keep them at bay.  She has been have migraines for a number of years now, but has only been seeing a neurologist for the past 8 months.  I think it has really helped.  Before, we took Bug to just of primary care doctor.  She was put on just a general pain reliever which she had to take everyday.  It helped, but it also made her gain weight, which was not a great side effect.  But the migraines were worse.  Now that she is of a certain age, she is able to see an adult neurologist and a whole new field of medications are open to her.  She is on a new regimen that has almost completely eliminated the need for Aleve or Tylenol, etc.
  Every time Bug has an appointment, she has to fill out an assessment on how her headaches have been seen her last visit.  Each answer is assigned a point value and then the total is rated on a scale.  I am happy to say the last time she filled it out the assessment the total said she had no debilitating effect from her headaches.  This is a huge step for her!!!
  I am so happy we were able to find the right doctor and medications for Bug.  I know I have suffered from migraines for most of my life and there is nothing worse than one.  I would gladly take one of her headaches so she would not have to go through it.  But unfortunately, this is not the case.  She suffers from them just like me and my grandmother.  My mother said she never got migraines, but I know she had some terrible headaches, so I always wondered. 
  If you suffer from migraines, I really hope you seek help.  There is many different medications out there that can help.  I know I have to go through a lot of trial and error before I found the right mix.  Just be open and honest with you doctor when things are working and more importantly, when things are NOT! 

Love to all,   Sara

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