Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

  Do you make a list of resolutions every year?  Do you actually write a list or do you just think about thing you want to change and then promptly forget them?  I was always in the second bracket.  I thought of things I wanted to change and maybe even did for a week or two in January, but had forgotten by February 1st.
  This year I want to do things differently.  I don't know if I really want to call the things I want to change as resolutions.  They are more of things I want to do to have a better life for my family and myself, also to have more peace and a deeper meaning to our lives.
  So here are just a few things I will be trying to do in the new year:
  • Cook supper at least 5 nights a week (the other nights we need to eat up leftovers, etc.)
  • Read my Bible more and encourage Bug to read hers
  • Keep a cleaner home
  • Pack the Hubby's lunch every day
  • Exercise more (of course)
  • Do more family activities (even if it is going swimming in the backyard)
  • Spending more time at the lake (a must!!!)
  • Have at least a dozen freezer meals on hand at ALL times
  • Find some  time to do the things I enjoy doing i.e. crafting
  • Get my basement under control (if you could see my basement right now you would understand)
  • Make every spot in my home a livable place.  It seems like we have a lot of STUFF (junk), that both the Hubby & I can't seem to get rid of.  Not anymore, I want to be albe to use all of my house, not just certain rooms or spots because the other rooms are so full of stuff! 
I think that is a pretty good  start.  Maybe I will add more to the list as I some of these things accomplished.  So what are your resolutions? 

Love to all,   Sara

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