Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Driving 2014

   These are the roads that I have been driving on lately to go to the Hubby's shop.  You have to love winter driving in North Dakota, NOT!!!  Actually, these roads really aren't that bad.  Both Hubby and I have driven on much worse.  It is just a way of life when you live on the northern plains.
   You need to know what you and your vehicle are capable of doing.  For 12 years, I work the 11pm to 7an shift at a local manufacturing company.  They employed over 1000 people from many small towns located around it.  The farthest I know of someone driving to work was 2 hours.  They also didn't care how bad the weather was or what the weather was like; they just wanted your rump at work.  I drove many nights in snow storms, on ice covered roads and through fog so thick you couldn't see in front of you face.
   Even today,  I would rather drive in bad weather at night then during the day.  It is just what I am use to.  The Hubby doesn't think I can drive in that kind of weather, but he sure didn't take me to work all those years.  HaHa. 
   It is kinda pretty to drive through weather like this, almost hypnotic.  After the recent news about the storms in the south and all the major accidents that resulted in it, some of us had to smirk about how they couldn't drive in the snow and ice.  I wish no one harm but have they ever heard of slowing down or turning the cruise control off.  It is crazy!
   I wish you are all safe this winter season!  Drive carefully!
Love to all,  Sara

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