Saturday, December 21, 2013

Potato & Onion Storage

  I have a very small kitchen.  When we moved into this home 8 years ago, my hubby said one day we would build on and expand the kitchen, etc.  Well, I am still waiting for this to happen.  So until then I have tried to come up with some creative solutions for storage. 

One thing I recently did was have the hubby hang two wire baskets on my kitchen wall for my potatoes and onions.  I really had no place to store them, besides under the sink and we all know that is not the ideal place for potato and onion storage.  I got the idea after finding an old wire basket in the hubby's stash of "treasures" in the garage.  I loved the look of it and thought it would be perfect for potatoes or onions.  So I started to hunt for another one.  I came across these baskets at a local florist shop.  After the hubby convinced me that the original basket was to large for the wall and the place I wanted to hang it, I purchased two of these baskets.  They cost me less then $20.00 on sale.
I lined them with some leftover burlap, which I had from another project.  It worked out perfectly.

I love the way it looks!!!  Now I know immediately if I need potatoes or onions OR more importantly if either one of them are starting to go bad and need to be thrown away.  I need to THANK the hubby for hanging them up so securely, also.  Just today, I put over 15 lbs of potatoes in one of the baskets and it is staying up with ease.  One less thing I have to think about where I am going to store. 

Love to all,  Sara

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