Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Summer Musical 2013


  This summer Bug was involved in the Summer Musical at the LaMoure County Summer Musical Theater.  The perforce this year was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat.  It was amazing.  Bug's played one of the brothers.  I was so impressed with the show.  The talent in these local kids are truly amazing. 
  The LCMST is basically a auditorium in the LaMoure County Memorial Park.  It dates back to the 1870's, when pioneer and settlers found a secluded spot in a bend of the James River that was perfect for gathering and socializing.  The auditorium was built the next year as a spot for any type of gathering.  Many types of gathering were held at the building, from political events to church services.  As years past, interest in the building faded and it fell into disrepair.  It wasn't until a local music teacher took it upon himself to fix up the building so he could bring musical theater to the community.  It the process starting a new production organization, the "LaMoure County Summer Musical Theater." 
  The casts, the crew and the orchestra are all local people from LaMoure or neighboring towns.  The dedicate the majority of their summer to the rehearsal and performance of the musical.  I know, we were very luck because our neighbors are very involved with the productions, so we were able to set up car pooling.  On the summers when that wasn't possible, I was able to get a lot of reading done as the cast is rehearsing. 
  This year was particularly great.  All but 2 of the cast members were collage age or younger.  To be that young and that dedicated is wonderful.  Not to mention the talent.  Oh my the talent!  It just sends shivers down my spine.  I really like going to the first and the final production to see how they have improved over the run of the performances. 
Bug as an Egyptian!
I hope you can someday go to the LCSMT and see one of their wonderful productions!
Love to all,

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