Monday, January 28, 2013


  Well the flu has hit our house.  I thought we were so luck to have missed it so far this year.  Not anymore.  My darling daughter came home from school today with an upset stomach and a splitting headache.  Not a good sign.  I was a little under the weather all day and just basically napped.  Thank goodness for the cleaning lady my husband said we could hire while I am mending from surgery started today.  She disinfected everything from top to bottom.  She is a blessing.  I am hoping this is just a 24 hour bug and we are all feeling better  by morning.  I couldn't even cook supper tonight.  It was "Robert's bachelor surprise."  In other words soup and grill cheese sandwiches, but probably the best meal for everyone in the house.  I know I didn't eat. but Hannah was able to.
  We were hit by a surprise snow storm today.  So far we have gotten about 5-6 inches of heavy, wet snow.  It is going to make driving fun in the morning.  Times like this, I say thank goodness my husband owns an auto body shop.  If I wreck the car, he will fix it. 
  We did get some exciting news today.  Our ticket for the State Wrestling Tournament have arrived.  I know you all are probably saying, "why would that be exciting?"  In our little town, wrestling is HUGE.  Our high school team has won a state title for the past 4 years.  This year is the first year my nephew is on the varsity team.  He is doing a great job.  It is also a really fun weekend, with about half of the town there showing there support for the team and just all hanging out together.  Our daughter is really looking forward to it even though she will be leaving half way through the weekend to go to a church event.  She is going to the REVOLVE tour.  It is part of WOMEN OF FAITH.  She can hardly wait.  She did say that she wanted to do this by herself and then maybe next year we could do it together.  I think my baby is growing up!  NOOO!  On that happy thought I am going to go back to my bed.  I think I have rambled enough for today. 

   Bye for now!     Sara

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