Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deer Meat

  We recently picked up our deer meat that we had processed after our local deer hunting season.  The Hubby doesn't usually go hunting (it tends to be his busy time at work); but thanks to our brother-in-law and his brothers we usually get a deer during their annual hunt.  Because our BIL is a land owner, he receives land gratis tags which always him to harvest a certain number of deer off of his own land.  There always to be more than enough meet to go around plus some to be donated to charity besides.  This year we received a nice doe and buck, that we had processed at a local meat locker. All we had to pay for was the processing of the meat.  Because we had quite a bit of sausage left over from last year, we had the majority of the meat ground up.  When the venison is ground, the processor also adds some pork to it, otherwise it would be very dry.  Venison is a very lean meat and very healthy for you but you need a little fat added to it or it will burn very easily in the pan.  We also had it made into fry sausage, venison bacon, roasts and chops.  We already have had some fry sausage & ground and it was delicious!  We should be set for red meat for awhile.  

  There are definite advantages to living in a small town, and having relatives with a farm.  As you can see one of the main ones is getting this fresh meat every year at next to nothing.  If the Hubby and I wanted to process it ourselves, it really would cost us under $50.00 for around 250 pounds of meat.  Even paying for processing, it only cost us around $1.50-$1.75 a pound.  I think this is very inexpensive.  What do you think?

Love to all,  Sara

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