Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homemade Body Scrub - Martha Stewart Crafts

Homemade Body Scrub - Martha Stewart Crafts
  Love Martha Stewart Crafts.  Hannah made a scrub like this for me once and it was wonderful!!!!!

Homemade Body Scrub


Slough off dry winter skin with an invigorating homemade body scrub. It's easy, all-natural, and so inexpensive, you'll want to make enough for gifts.
Tools and Materials
Homemade Body Scrub How-To:Combine 1 cup of body oil with 2 cups of Epsom or sea salts or organic cane sugar (depending on how fine a grain you like). We added lemon zest for color and fragrance. Package in jars (plastic is safest by the tub).

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