Monday, March 19, 2012

Good News on the Broken Arm

Good Evening Everyone!
  Today has been a good day.  I no longer have to wear a sling on my broken arm and can start therapy in about a week.  I can hardly wait to get back in the kitchen and do some serious cooking.  My wonderful husband did finish the new flooring in our bedroom this weekend (will post pictures later).  It looks wonderful. Next is my new craft .  I can hardly wait.  I will finally get out of the basement.
   I did make a wonderful venison roast in the crock pot this weekend.  Here is the recipe.
  • 4-5 lb venison roast
  • 2 cans cream of mushroom soap
  • 1 envelope onion soup mix
  1. Place roast in crock pot.
  2. Mix soup with 1 soup can of milk and dry soup mix.
  3. Pour over roast.
  4. Cook on low for 6-7 hours.
The roast just falls apart.  I serve it over mashed potatoes.  Wonderful!

   This week, I have a craft project to on for church.  With the help of a very talented carpenter, we are making a sign to show our fundraising efforts for new siding.  After I get the painting done, pictures will be posted.

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